Глубокое лесхоз
Глубокое лесхоз
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State experimental forestry establishment “Glubokskij experimental forestry enterprise” was  established in 1939 on the basis of the former state, manor and other forests on the territory of the former Vilejski district  after reunion of the Western and Eastern parts of Belarus. Later the forestry entered Polotsk and Molodechno districts, and since 1959 entered Vitebsk district.  The foresty establishment includes 5 forestries, 14 logging camps, 65 forest ranges, permanent basic orchard. In the orchard tree seed garden is situated, equipped with Swedish facilities, allowing to process 100 tons strobili a season.  Planting stock is sold to the forestries of Vitebsk PLHO, and grafted seedlings of pine and fir-tree -   for plantation building at the forestries of  the Republic.

Contact information

State experimental forestry establishment “Glubokskij experimental forestry enterprise”

211800 Vitebsk region , Glubokoe , str.Proletarskaja , 15

Forestry director: Kozak Andrey Alekseevich 8 (02156) 21654

Chief forester: Gajduk Sergey Vasiljevich 8 (02156) 21557

Chief engineer: Zajats Alexey Leonidovich 8 (02156) 22896

Chief accountant: Mankovich Tatyana Ivanovna 8 (02156) 22646

Game manager: Sikora Vasily Leonidovich  8(02156)22987, 814-07-06 МТС

Department of forestry: 8 (02156) 22604

Manufacturing department: 8 (02156) 22391

Tel\fax: 8 (02156) 21302

е-mail: glubforest@tut.by

Глубокский опытный лесхоз в лидерах

В предверии  Нового года Глубокский опытный лесхоз реализовал более 4700 новогодних деревьев  ...

охрана лесного фонда

  В канун новогодних праздников в Глубокском опытном лесхозе будет усилена охрана лесного фонда. Государственна...

карта автодорог

В Беларуси появится карта автодорог, где отметят участки, на которых возможны столкновения с дикими животными

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