Глубокое лесхоз
Глубокое лесхоз

In spring 2011 sowing volume and forest cultures planting made 84 ha, including hard-wooded broad-leaved species - 5 ha. Mixed cultivation was made in the territory of 51 ha, which amounts 61% of the total volume. In the territory  of 77 ha, the breeding material was planted. 14 mixture schemes were used during forest cultures planting. Reconstruction of subsidiary crops made 34 ha in the total volume of sowing and planting. 46 ha cultures of large-sized planting stock  were developed.

In the spring of the current year additional forest cultures were planted in the area of 161 ha,  tending of forest cultures - 7 ha, addition to forest seed orchard - 1 ha, tending of forest seed orchard - 9 ha. In the current season 26 kg seeds of the ordinary pine were harvested.

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