Глубокое лесхоз
Глубокое лесхоз

Planting stock is grown  in a constant  base tree nursery with the total area of 47,6 ha. Productive part takes 36 ha, including  seedling section – 4 ha, transplant bed – 21 ha, uterine section – 11 ha, supporting unit takes 11,6 ha. Irrigated area of the nursery takes 11 ha.

At the nursery there is an administrative domestic building, a laboratory for check of the seed quality, section for reprocessing of the forest and seed raw material, greenhouse with polyethylene coating  with the total area of 1,1 ha, hydraulic power pack with manifolding and pulverizers, compost heaps, warehouses for seed storage, chemicals, inventory, equipment for planting stock growth.

This year seeds are planted over 1,31 ha, including the ordinary pine - 0,8 ha,  common spruce - 0,5 ha, pedunculate oak - 0,01 ha. Annual volume of planting stock makes about 5 mln items.Except for growing of planting stock of the main forest-forming species, in the nursery more than 50 species of scenic planting stock is grown.

In January-May this year forest seeds in the amount of 120 mln rbl were sold, planting stock - in the amount of 172 mln rbls, rendered services in forest and seed raw material reprocessing in the amount of 135 mln roubles.

GOLHU "Gluboksky experimental forestry establishment" sells

Swida alba

Swida alba f. argenteo-marginata

Mountain pine

Golden cedar

Thuija occidentallis


Pedunculate oak

Salix purpurea

Sálix álba


European larch

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