Глубокое лесхоз
Глубокое лесхоз
National parks

Forestry has in stock a dendrological garden, unique in its variety and multiplicity.

Total square of the dendrological garden is 8, 3 ha.

The main target of the established dendrological garden is to study growth and development  of the technically valuable and decorative wood and shrubby species in the current conditions, selection of perspective species and forms for forest cultures and amenity planting implementation, seeding, creation of the dendrologcal collection.

Living collection of woody plants is the main advantage of the dendrological garden. Plants of one species are planted, as a rule, in biogroups. There are 5-10 trees, 10-20 bushes in one group,

At the present time collection of the dendrological garden includes 550 species of woody plants, belonging to 102  geni and 36 bloodlines.  The dendrological garden    was claimed "The state natural landmark of the republican value" by the decision of the State Committee for Environmental Protection of Belarus №17/4 from 23.12.1991.

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